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Inchbrakie Ltd.

Inchbrakie Books publishes books on humour, technology and business.  We began trading in January 2013 and we shall be bringing out a carefully selected and targeted range of titles in these three fields at regular intervals.  We are part of the Inchbrakie Group, a PE company that began trading in Germany in 1979 and in the UK in 2000.  If you have written or are in the process of writing a book that you feel would fit well into one of these three categories, you can send us a one page treatment in an email (not as an attachment) to book-at-inchbrakie-dot-com.  

We can also provide a self-publication service.  Typical costs for a demy (216mm x 138mm) or A5 (210mm x 148mm) sized paperback of about 200 pages without colour could be as low as 3 a copy for a short run.  We also can help you with editing, proof-reading and layouts if required and can provide an audio books service.