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SNP-Dingwall at 40
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On September 25th, 2004, the Dingwall branch of the SNP celebrated its 40th birthday.

Sold to the geek in the funny hat!

Above: John Swinney addresses the Dingwall branch.

Below: Sales of iMarmalade at the 40th Birthday bash at the SNP conference in Inverness.

Never mind iTunes, we have iMarmalade!!!




The Scottish National Party is a democratic, left-of-centre political party committed to Scottish independence. It aims to create a just, caring and enterprising society in the mainstream of modern Europe by releasing Scotland's full potential as an independent nation.

The SNP was founded in 1934 and scored its first parliamentary success at Westminster when Dr Robert McIntyre won the Motherwell by-election in 1945. The Party has had continuous parliamentary representation since 1967 and has made enormous electoral progress in recent years, providing our parliamentarians and councillors with a platform to reach an increasing number of voters and convince them of the benefits of Independence.

Of equal importance are the ordinary party members, on whom we rely to raise funds, campaign at local level, debate and determine the policy and direction of the party at Annual Conference and National Council and to help deliver the Independence message at every opportunity.

Dingwall and District

We do not just represent the SNP in Dingwall, we also represent the interests of Dingwall and district to the SNP.

Join us! Get involved and make a difference now!



"I found the information I was looking for on the SNP-Dingwall website, which is excellent by the way.  I strongly commend the SNP-Dingwall website."  Nicola Sturgeon.