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Here are the prospective Westminster candidates, listed in alphabetical order.



Ian Blackford

I believe I have what it takes to take on the challenge of winning this seat. I want to win this seat and be your MP at Westminster working with colleagues to get a better deal for Scotland. The vow must be delivered upon. We also need an MP to stand up for this area.

I joined the SNP in 1979 and have been engaged at all levels of the party. I have twice previously been a Parliamentary Candidate.

I served as the National Treasurer, been a member of the shadow cabinet with responsibility for Social Security and Pensions as well as being chair of the SNP Currency Commission.

In my professional life I was a senior executive in the financial industry before establishing a consultancy business with my wife Ann. Today we run a croft and I serve on the board of a couple of companies. I am also on occasion a commentator in broadcasting and in print.

Winnie Ewing, has endorsed my candidacy, as have MSP’s Dave Thompson, Rob Gibson, Michael Matheson, Alex Neil, Mike Russell, Mike McKenzie, Alyn Smith MEP, Gordon Wilson, Jim Sillars, Ian Renwick, Skye Councillor and Carole Inglis Yes Skye coordinator.

Dave Thompson: "I am delighted to support Ian in his candidacy and look forward to working with him. I have no doubt that if he is selected that we will be a good team for the constituency."

Rob Gibson: "Ian has a long experience in getting results. His business career, his long-term SNP work and his home base in Skye all give him the edge in this huge constituency. He’ll give these Highland communities what they have lacked under the LibDems - the vision to stand on their own feet, no ifs or buts, an end to dependency because Ian champions independence. He’s a grass roots winner!

Mike Russell: "Ian has been a strong, long term nationalist. His international business experience allied with his knowledge of rural Scotland make him ideally suited to speak up for Scotland as the SNP forces Westminster to honour " The Vow" in full."


Peter Cairns
Born in Glasgow, I am 53 years old, 30 years married with three children. I am a Graduate in Politics and Sociology and worked in the building trade before moving to the Black Isle over 20 years ago.
I have been a member of the SNP for over 20 years, having been Branch Convener, Organiser and Information Officer at various times. I have served twice as a Councillor.
We have a huge opportunity both in this constituency and Scotland. Here we have never been stronger while our principal opponents are at their weakest in 30 years. Winning this seat is a challenge, but it can be done with the right candidate and with a determined campaign.
We must build on the momentum and tactics of the Yes campaign. This seat will be won on the doorstep; with leafleting, speaking to voters at street stalls and small hall meetings. We can expect no help from a staunchly pro Lib Dem local media, meaning we need make the best use of alternatives including social media.
A message of change will be key to success. The Referendum broke the mould and our message must be that now is time for Scotland’s Party to represent Scotland at Westminster. Change locally too, because placing your hopes on a lone voice, lost in a party that’s lost it’s way, will not deliver for the Highlands. A strong voice in a strong team talking for Scotland is the way ahead.
If we succeed in winning in seats, then we enter a new period at Westminster where Scotland’s interests will be prominent. We will need the right people to get the best from Westminster, able to focus on the details, able to identify the opportunities and the pitfalls. 
I would be honoured to serve this Constituency, I have the knowledge and expertise to be effective in Westminster, but more importantly I have the passion and drive to deliver positive change for the constituency and for Scotland.


 Allan Duffy

Councillor Allan Duffy was born in Edinburgh, he has a younger brother Neil, the family moved to Rosyth in Fife were he was educated and lived until he joined the Army as a Military Clerk in 1997, Allan left the Army in 2008 to live in Inverness and quickly got involved in local politics he became a member of the SNP, since joining, Allan was elected as Secretary & Organiser for his local Branch, he was then elected as the CA Secretary; he was also appointed as the SNP HCLC Chairman 3 times.

Allan is married to Diane who is also the Office Coordinator for your Constituency MSP Dave Thompson, they have 2 girls; Shannon-Marie(12) and Kellie-Cerys(10), both are mini activists for the SNP. 

He feels that the constituency has been under represented and working with a strong team of SNP MPs, knows that we will deliver more powers for Scotland and our ultimate goal of Independence.

Allan has successfully negotiated terms with external agencies and is on a number of boards & committees in Highland Council and is a Director at Inverness Leisure.

Allan is the Councils Armed Forces & Veterans Champion.

Allan has represented YES Scotland, he was also one of the key people that started YES Highland and YES Inverness, organiser for the Sing for Indy Rally which had around 2000 people attend.

Allan wants to strengthen the links between all levels of Government, that is why he has an ambition to have a shared office with the Constituency MSP. Allan wants to abolish the Scotland Office which costs around 15Million, all Parliaments leaders should talk directly to each other.

Allan’s Response:

"I feel very privileged to have been selected to stand as a candidate for the RSL constituency, I want to hear from you about any issues you want taken forward. I will never allow anymore Tories to get a foothold in Scotland. I have worked hard for the residents of Inverness West, I now ask you, give me the chance to work hard for the RSL Constituency and ask for your 1st preference vote."

Many Thanks



Henry Robertson

This coming General Election offers a substantial opportunity for the SNP to secure the level of devolved powers promised in the dying days of the referendum campaign. We should not seek to rerun that campaign, but instead use the confidence we have seen reflected in our poll ratings and rising membership, to hold the UK parties to their vow of extensive new powers.

Living the same life and facing the same challenges as the people I seek to represent in the rural West Coast, I can speak in the Westminster Parliament with credible knowledge and experience.

I am seeking s selection not as a career politician, with an interest in Scotland remaining within Westminster’s control. My contribution to the Parliamentary group would be to facilitate the quickest return of powers to the Scottish Parliament, and consequently the requirement for the Scottish MP to be unnecessary.

My background is perhaps broader than the usual potential MP. 

Having joined the Army at 18, I subsequently studied part time whilst working as a bus driver to gain the entry qualifications to attend University as a mature student. After graduation I worked for 15 years in the hotel business and for 10 years of that time in London, returning to Scotland in 2007 with my wife to run our own small guest house business.

Currently my wife and I live and work on the Applecross Peninsula, where I am employed by a defence contractor at the British Underwater Test and Evaluation Centre (BUTEC) Ranges, at Applecross. We are also Applecross Trust tenant crofters.

The position the SNP presently holds, presents us with the opportunity to be able to secure the promised maximum devolution or extensive new powers, described as home rule. Our objective should be clear that we have no vested interest in continuing Westminster control over Scotland any further than is necessary, even within the UK.

For this to be the case our representatives should come from a broad section of the socio/economic strata of Scotland, and I believe I have the life skills and experience to be your SNP representative in the Westminster Parliament.


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