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48-track recording of the highest standard

Set in 20 acres of beautiful grounds, The Byre recording studio is the ideal place for track laying or mixing, using only the very best equipment.

The studio recording area can be opened up to give one the feeling in Summer of recording outside, when the last rays of sunshine disappear after 11 pm. This is the place to record when you want to 'get away from it all' without having to make compromises.

Residential facilities are available in-house or within walking distance. Luxury accommodation up to the highest levels imaginable are available are available within driving distance. We keep a list of first class restaurants in the area and our in-house kitchen can provide meals for those breaks in between sessions.

The Byre has its own thoroughbred horses, canoes and sailing dinghies. We are located in the heart of some of the most beautiful countryside imaginable and just five miles from the sea. If a break between recording sessions is what you need, this is the place to be.

We provide in-house video facilities that can take your project from a few clips to be included in a future video or documentary, all the way through to the creation of complete television programmes or DVDs. We also have full graphics and scanners for the creation of your CD or DVD cover and booklet.

For the high profile customer we can provide security at every level. For the up-and-coming musician, we are able to cut some fantastic deals. We also have our own record label and welcome demos of every sort.

Scotland is one of the most musical nations on Earth and hiring in excellent musicians is easier than you may think. There are hundreds of local musicians specializing in every type of classical, traditional, rock and pop instrument and style. They range from keen, young music graduates, usually available at relatively short notice, though to World class musicians and household names who have made the Highlands their home.

Where the music plays

Built on the site of an old byre (barn), the Byre Recording Studio is possibly the most modern and best equipped studio in Scotland today.

Everything from the very latest effects to video production

World class 48-track recording studio
set in 20 acres of secluded grounds
in the Highlands of Scotland
riding, sailing, canoeing, climbing
video and graphics
fully residential
or camp for free
all for the price of a demo room

The Byre Control Room

The studio in Winter