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Why build a studio in the first place?

Thousands of people everywhere are building their own studios. Not all of them are experienced sound engineers. This is for you!

Reasons to NOT build a studio

1. It can cost vast sums of money and much of the equipment is out of date almost as soon as you have bought it.

2. It ties up space and capital in your house or business.

3. Whatever you build, someone will have a bigger and better one, so you might as well use theirs!

4. You cannot meet people, talk business and network in your bedroom or garage!

5. Rates for commercial studios are so low right now, that building your own makes less sense than before.

6. A pretty receptionist offering a cool beer from the studio bar is better for business than your mother’s tea and home baked cookies!

Reasons to build your own studio

1. If you have a great idea, you can just walk in and record.

2. You can still lay tracks at a commercial studio, but save thousands in studio fees by recording guide tracks, editing and mixing in your own place.

3. The studio can reflect your needs and have those bits of kit that you require for your type of music.

4. You will have an intimate knowledge of the equipment, and therefore be able to use it more effectively.

5. The studio can sometimes offset the costs by renting it out (well, that's the theory at least!)

6. You can take on fee-paying jobs like remixes, editing work or mastering, using your own studio.


The Byre Recording Studio