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The Studio in Winter

Some of our customers:

Neil Clark - Great Glen Piping


Sharron Corr



Di Xiao

Kris Lennox

Toy Town Records

The GoGoBots

Mike Reed

The Hussy's


Matt Robertson


Giles Davies

Rhythm & Reel

The Carl Rosa Opera Company

Mike Lee

Music for Dance

Spokers Loan

Hot House Music

The Siubhal Network

Pagan Poets

Tom Rust

Malcolm Edmonstone

Devine Music

Divine Art Records


Peter Seivewright

Soundscapers, New York

The Johann Strauss Society

Equipment we use that you may like to read up on:

Bösendorfer Pianos

Amek Media 51 technical specs


Neumann Microphones

Eventide DSP7000

SPL analogue processors

Radar multitrack recording


Suppliers we have used and can recommend

Amek, TAC and Neve maintenance

Larkin's List of used Studio Gear

Stirling Audio

Music Store in Cologne

Funky Junk

Thomann Music Store

Other links that may or may not have anything to do with music, Scotland or The Byre


Audiotalk Forum

The House of Inchbrakie

Inchbrakie Books

Kiltarlity Community Council

Fret Not Guitar Repairs

SNP Dingwall Branch

Scots Independent

Baggy and Bill's Para-Reg memorobilia

The story of Radio Caroline and offshore (pirate) radio

The History of Rock and Roll

History pages on Scotland


Highland Backline Hire

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