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You can send an email to 'mail at thebyre dot com'

You can of course contact us by writing to:

The Byre
16 - 22 Culburnie
IV 4 - 7 JJ

tel.  O-l463-74l-829 from the UK
       OO-44-l463-74l-829 from Europe
       Ol l-44-l463-74l-829 from the US and Canada

Call us or send an email. 
For security reasons, attachments and any active elements such as Java scripts cannot be included in an email.
If you do contact us via email at any of the known addresses, please note that our spam filter does NOT allow certain attachments, such as Microsoft Documents including  Word Docs, Excel Files or any other file formats that may contain Visual Basic or other active elements.  Simple HTML is possible within the body of the text.

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