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Some Fun Pictures
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The pipes are calling!

There's a pianist out there somewhere!


Summer!  Hooray!!!

Matt in ProTools Ninja mode!

Sold to the geek in the silly hat!

Ninja-level bass playing.

Malcolme in the Middle (of something!)

Did I write this?  God, it's good!

Mowing the studio lawn.

Mike the Glockenspieler!

Otto, Apu (Poo) and Milhouse take time out.

Night falls.

Sexy piano shots!

Mike the Guitarist!

Matt editing in Editing-Prison.

Project finished, now it's beer o'clock at last!

It goes thud, thud, boom, thud - OK?

One of the studio frogs.

The 'Froggisorium'

The studio in Winter taken from our lower field

Highland Backline Hire

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