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Welcome to AudioTalk where we (and this may shock you) talk about audio.
This website is divided into chapters and there are a range of subjects within each chapter.  The chapters are in the boxes at the top of  every page and the subjects within each chapter on on the menu bar at the top-left of every page.
At the moment, this whole thing is very much a work in progress, for example the podcasts are not finishd yet and some sections seem to finish in mid-air.   For this reason, parts of the whole website will be changing almost every day.  It is of course a big site and therefore you might not notice these changes straight away.  For this reason, if there are bits you would like me to deal with first, drop me a line via the text box on the contact page.
Should you want to contact us for any reason (perhaps because we've goofed again and made a mistake, you want us to deal with a particular subject, or perhaps you are just lonely) then use the contact page.
If you are completely out of your skull and tired of life, try listening to one of our podcasts (once we have recorded them!)  We tried listening, but gave up after a while and quite honestly, why should we suffer alone!
If you have difficulty navigating around this website, let us know and we'll lay a trail of breadcrumbs.
I shall, of course, be adding to the site as I find the time, the inclination and brain units.  But if you feel the burning need to add something to the site, feel free to contact me and I shall give your proposed addition my full consideration - assuming I am sober.
Here and there, you will find pieces written by others that are friends, acquaintances, or just someone I met in the pub.  These are all accompanied by a little picture and a link to their websites, should they have one.

This website now has a new forum - or perhaps I should say, this website is a spin-off from our Audio Off-Topic forum.
This forum is for those that wish to just chat about anything and everything (hence the off-topic title).  We came to the conclusion that there are enough audio and recording forums out there (SOS, Gearslutz and the like) but there is nowhere for musos and engineers and other music industry people to just talk about things that are not strictly to do with work.
Be warned - there are no rules and no censorship, so the language on the forum is just about the same as the language you would hear backstage at any concert - and so are the topics!
As a guest, you will only be able to access the general board and the Wisdom Tooth. 

Enter the forum here!


The Byre Recording Studio