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           The Audiotalk Quiz         

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Test your knowledge of audio here by completing these quizes.  These replace the old Byre Quizes and, rather than be answered by email, you will get the answers with each question.


There are two quizes, the first being easy and called  The Tape Op Test, simply because any tape op that has had about one year on the job and has some knowledge of basic physics should be able to answer all the questions correctly. 


The second is called The Tonmeister Test and the questions are somewhat harder and may make you scratch your head a little, but rest assured, each question has a single correct answer and is mainly very basic stuff.  (You might like to mug-up on your decibels first though!)  But like the tape op test, just have a go and have fun! 


The decibel questions in The Tonmeister Test are, in all fairness, very theoretical and bear little relationship with reality; there are no open air gigs without temperature inversion and wind, you cannot use the same speakers for an open air as you would to achieve 100dBA for a very small audience and of course, if you did stack lots of cheap speakers, they would change their directional characteristics.


All the questions and their answers for all parts of the quiz are based on three books: Sound and Recording (by Rumsey and McCormick), Acoustics and Psychoacoustics (by Howard and Angus) and The JBL Sound System Design Reference Manual (by John Eargle) which can be downloaded at the download page.  


Please note that the buttons line up properly in Internet Explorer.  With other browsers, you may have to count from the top. 

Take the Tape-Op test here!

Take the Tonmeister test here!


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