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The Byre

Documents you can download

We suggest you save these documents in a folder on your computer and then print them out as you need them.

The JBL Sound Systems manual written and revised by John Eagle - Part 1 (945 KB)as PDF file

The JBL Sound System Manual part 2 (559 KB)

The JBL manual on High Freaquency Drivers, theory and practice. PDF file

The JBL Manual on Low Freaquency Drivers Theory and Practice

The JBL Manual on Speech Reproduction Part 1 (2.3 MB!)

The JBL Manual on Speech Reproduction Part 2 (2.4 MB!)

Software downloads

Download the ever-popular Goldwave stereo audio editor for Windows. This is the self-extracting trail version that gives you 150 commands per session. Restarting gives you another 150 commands.

Some great software downloads are coming, please be patient as we clear copyright and compression details.

Do you know of some great audio related shareware or freeware? Send us an email and we shall try to include it on our website.