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We add to our list of toys all the time and additional equipment is available at short notice, but here are the highlights:


Amek Media 51,  64-frame with 60 channel strips, 8 stereo returns and automated surround sound, 56 channels of dynamics and full surround sound panning


Radar 48-track (Backup to two DVD-RAMs or DVD-Rs, fully ProTools, Logic, Pyramix etc. compatible)
Soundscape 96 (24 IOs @ 96kHz, 48 IOs @ 48kHz)
ProTools on G4 with all plug-ins
Otari MX80 24-track reel-to-reel tape recorder 
Tascam DAT
Tascam cassette duplicator

C&P audio workstation

B&W active monitoring 


2 x Neumann M149
4 x Neumann TLM 103
2 x AKG C414 BTLII
2 x AKG C391B

2 x AKG D222

3 x AKG D202

1 x Shure SM59
4 x Shure SM58
12 x Shure SM57
1 x Sennheiser MKH416 P48
1 x Audix D1
2 x Audix D2
1 x Audix D4
2 x Audix D6

2 x C-Ducer contact mics

2 x DPA 4061
2 x Sennheiser MD421-N

2 x Byre RM4L ribbon mics


M&K MPS 2510PK Mid Field Monitors
M&K 5310 Sub-Woofer
M&K LFE4 bass management system
Genelec 1029 5.1 system with twin subwoofers
NS10 studio 
DC 15" coax monitors





8 x JBL 225 (600 Watt PA speakers)
5 x WPA 1.2 KW amps 
4 x AKG 240M headphones
4 x AKG K240DF headphones
4 x AKG K270S headphones
16 x AKG K55 headphones

5 x MU1002 personal mixers


Lexicon 960L reverb system
Eventide DSP 7000 Ultra Harmonizer
TC Fireworx
The Pod Pro
Antares Autotune ATR-1
Aphex Aural Exciter 204
SPL Kultube
SPL Transient Designer
SPL Vitalizer


JB 1612 controller
4 x JB 250 scanner/projector
2 x JB Variscan 4 EV 1200 scanner/projector
8 x Par 64
8 x Par 56
Antari Z1200 fog-smoke machine
Le Maitre & Safex pyrotechnics


Canon XL1 camera
Panasonic EZ1 
Hague 15' jib
Matrox RT-Xtreme with IBM workstation and IBM RAID array
MultiCam 16-stream editing workstation


 275 Concert Grand Piano

Weinert upright piano (honky-tonk)
Hammond A100 with Leslie 145

Wurlitzer Electric Piano 200A
Korg Triton ProX

Hohner Pianet T
Korg Karma



dDrums with dDrum cymbal-set
Pearl StudioMaster/Paiste cymbals
Roland Handsonic

UP analogue drum synth

Ziljan gong


Fender Telecaster 
Washburn Bass

Marshall Tube Combo
Fender accoustic

Laney Pro-Tube bass amp

Bass cab with 24" driver

Unrestricted wi-fi throughout

Unlimited ftp access for files up to 1GB.

(Yamaha Electone transistor organ is being restored now.  Vintage Korg MS20 is now repaired, fully restored and in use.    100 watt valve driver with 1965 valve mixer and A.N.T. valve compressor coming soon)


For a modest fee, a large range of backline and other instruments are available from Highland Backline Hire. 

Many, many knobs and switches

Once owned by Andre Previn!

I want to sit here!

The Machine Rack

Our secret weapons - good microphones

Clavia dDrums, Roland Handsonic percussion and regular drums from Pearl

new booth


dDrum Corner

A100 with Leslie


Studio building

Hear Me!

Highland Backline Hire

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