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We work to keep prices as low as possible
to keep the cost of recording music
using equipment of good professional
quality as low as possible.

The Studio in Summer

Studio Prices:
We are at present, reviewing our price structure, so as to provide more options, such as choices of engineer and recording systems for our customers.
Please call or email for prices.  Certain territories do not pay VAT, call or write for details.

Fly me for as little as 200 a day!

We now can take care of everything from CD design, session musicians, PR, CD manufacture and music videos. 

To find out more, send an email to  mail @ the-byre . com
(or call 01463 741 829 from the UK
0044 1463 741 829 from Europe
01144 1463 741 829 from the US and Canada)


Highland Backline Hire

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