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Sketch III Robert Graeme, Archdeacon of Ross, Younger Son of the First Great Baron (10)
Sketch IV George Graeme, 2nd Baron of Inchbrakie (19)
Sketch V Widow and Children of George Graeme (27)
Sketch VI George Graeme, Bishop of Orkney, Retland and Dunblane (35)
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Sketch XXXII Graemes of Drynie (540)
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Sketch XXXVI Grames, Greymes, Grahams of Callendar; Aberuthven, Kernock, Kinross Cossington (592)
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Appendix VI

The Wills and Testaments of various Grahams and Grahames with those of other Families mentioned in "Or and Sable"



26 Nov. 1576.  Margaret Grahame, daughter to Robert Grahame of Gartmore, administered by her Aunt Christian Grahame, Lady Kilsyth and her husband Sir William Livingstone of Kilsyth.

19 Oct. 1582.  Will of Alexander Graham, Dundee, given up by his bairns, William, Grizell, and Jonet.

10 March 1592.  Will of Margaret Grahame, spouse to Jh Stirling of Craigbarnet for their bairnes, William, Ed., Henro, Andro, Louie, Margt., John, ? and Elspeth Stirling.

22 July 1595.  Geillis Caw, relict of William Graham of Claverhouse, Parish Moness Forfar angus. (Long letter will.)

19 Dec. 1595.  Will of Robert Murray of Abercairny, "ane right honorable man" who deceist 29th Sept. 1594, given up be Nicowen (or Nicholas) Murray his spouse.

4 Feb. 1595.  Will of Helen Millar, spouse of James Graham, Merct, Burges of Edinburgh, given up by her husband James Grahame for their children for James Patk Marion and John Grahame. (There is a very long lists of debts and "soumes" of money and many names, but the above appear to be all the Grahams mentioned.)

11 March 1597.  Will of Helen Grahame, spouse to Robert Watson Mylne of Aberuthven, who died in the month April 1596. Letter will made at Milne of Aberuthven, seven March 1597, when sick in body but whole in spirit.    In the first, the said Helen leaves to John Graham in Foloew (?) her brother ane hundred merks to John Grahame, sone to the Umquhile Robert Graham; to William Grahame, sone to Umquhile Patrick Grahame, to Jonet Grahame, daughter of Umquhile Pat. Grahame, her brother, to Hellen Grahame her sister to Hellen Grahame dogt. to Robert Grahame, to Mary Grahame, doghters of Umquhile Patrick Grahame to each ane of them. To Robert Grahame, son to Robert Grahame in Strathuboure to James Grahame sone to James Grahame in Conwie ? 

To Andro, sone to the said John, her brother, and for the better payment of the said soumes left, be the said Helen?,the twa hundred lying on land in the hands of John Grahame of Balgown.  This is a long letter will and she seems to have had no children of her own. (L. G. G.) 27 May 1624.  Will of James Grahame, Merect Burgess of Edinburgh, who deceast (month omitted) 1623, faithfully made and given up by himself on 7 July 1623, given up by Jonet Law his relict, and be John Grahame, brother to the said James, Tutors Testament to Jonet Graham's minoritie lawful dochter to the defunct. See March 18th, 1642.  (A very long inventory follows, curious from its contents.)

Hat band of gold and silver; "Gartannes pearlet with silver, twenty merks a pair." Long lists of monies owing to him by the gentry many Grahames mentioned, Fintray, Claverhouse, etc., but none directly connected with this work.  Small column of debts of his own.  His letter will is very long; he nominates his only lawful dochter Jonet Grahame his heir, and Jonet Winlaw (?), my spouse, and John Grahame, my brother his extors. beyond a sister Nicholas Grahame, no other relation appears to be mentioned.

26 Jan. 1642.  Will of John Grahame, Merchant Burgess of Edinburgh, died July 1641.  Will made and given up himself and Inventorie after his death by Jonet Hill his relict.  In his letter will, his loving spouse Jonet Hill is sole Ex. for James, Jonet and Euphemia Graham his lawful bairnes, mentions a David Graham, Merchant Burgess in Edinburgh, and speaks of his late Umquhile brother James Grahame.

His wife, Jonet Hill's will is given up on 7 Feb. 1643 by William Graham of Hilltoun to the same children mentioned above.  22 Apr. 1665.  Will of George Graham, servitor to the Marquiss of Montrose, given up by his sister Isobell Graham.

26 Dec. 1699.  Will dative of James, lawful son to deceist James Graham, sometime Chamberlayne to Claverhouse, he died in England in March 1694, faithfully made and given up by Christiane Graham spous to Rob (?) Graham, younger of Duntroon, sister Germane to the deceist.  Debts due from persons at Durham.  David Graham of Duntroon, Mr George Graham, minister Innerarity, John Graham, late baillie of Dundee, and Mr Pat. Graham of?, curator to and in name of the said Umqh James Grahame and Xtian Graham, his sister.

15 Apr. 1700.  Will of Dame Grizell Graham, spouse to Sir James Keith, Powburn, Ex,r Margaret and Lillias Graham, her sole exs. and lawful daughters.

27 May 1700.  Will of Henrie Graham, Writer to the Signet, given up by his relict spouse Marion Hamilton, their marriage contract date 22nd Feb. 1677.

26 Sept. 1705.  Will of Mr James Grahame, Merct in Edinburgh, given up by James Graham, Advocate, eldest lawful son to deceist.  Reall insight and plenishing of his dwelling house.  Inventaried and valued by knowing persons œ1157 Scots.  His three shares in the Bank of Scotland, 360 Scots and profits thairof.

18 June 1718.  Thomas Grahame, Surgeon in Edinburgh, Jonet Milne his wife; date of contract of marriage 18th April 1716, no children.  The Eik 1726 speaks of debts Walter Graham in Glen Lyon, Walter Graham Park head Monteith, Wlm. Graham, Driver in Couall and Thomas Graham of Dale.  25 March 1720.  Will of Dame Helen Graham, relict of Sir Alex. Falconer of Glenfarquhar, Will made by her in September 1718, given up by Lieut. George Graeme of the Marquiss of Montrose's late Regt. designed in the letter will as lawful son to the deceast Robert Graeme of Craigie brother Germane to the said Miss Helen Graeme.  Plenishing and furniture of her dwelling house in Edin. and house in Montrose, her books valued at 20-33 Golden Guineas, one-half seven Carolus, half a Jacobis, a Moydore, a quarter Moydore, three Pistoles, a Portugese Noce and some silver coins, a Cornelian broken ring, Coral neclace; The Great Marquiss Picture sett in a small gold frame, one pair of gold buttons, some curiousities and medals of small value 84, repeating gold watch seall and chain 30 lb. Strlg. a breast Jewel, a Diamond ring and the Pretender's picture set in a small silver frame gilt12 sterlg.  Pearl neclace, 2 Diamond rings, small gold watch seal and chain, various other articles and a ring sett with the Pretender's hair and 3 small diamonds. 

There was owed crops of Powburn and Scotstoun in the parroch of Conwath and shire of Kincardine besides crops off Glenfarquhar.  The letter will is very long, appoints her nephew George Graeme of Craigie Ext. and following legacies to Mrs Helen Graham her niece daughter of deceast Rob. Graham of Craigie, to my niece Mrs Lilias Graham, to her nephew Alex. Graham Ensign, and lastly to Alex. Gordon lawfull son to Capt. Charles Gordon of Abergeldy my grandnephew.

The repeating gold watch and seal, the Diamond ring with 13 stones, ane brest jewell with Diamonds and the King's picture to her said nephew George. The gold watch and other jewellery amongst her nieces. (No further mention is made of the Great Marquiss' picture.)

27 April 1720.  Will of Elizabeth Graham sister to Colonel W. Graham of Bowhaple and Marion Graham relict of ?Boyle.

16 Oct. 1733.  The Testament Dative of William Grahame second lawfull son of the deceast W. Grahame, Merchant, Esq. who d. in the month of 27 years, given up by James Grahame, Writter in Edin., son lawfull to the said deceased W. Grahame for himself and also having power from Elizabeth, Mary and Margaret Grahame's his sisters Germane and Alexander Brownlie, Watchmaker in Edin., Husband to Margt Dated 27 Jan. 1729.  Alexander Grahame Mercht in Edinburgh, formerly Tutor in law to them.

3 Feb. 1738.  Ensign Alexander Grahame's Testament Dative of Colonel Nassau late Regt. of Foot (with 2 Eiks the second dated 26 June1740) deceased November 1737, given up by?Grahame Relict of deceased and  David Scot, Advocat.  His sister Germane Eupham Graham the only ex. and nearest of kine.  (A good many clothes are left and two Bibles in Octavo, 1 prayer book, etc. which goods were valued by Margt. Cockburn, wife of the servant of Lieut. George Grahame brother to the defunct.  Silver valued by Lawrence Oliphant, Goldsmith in Edin. œ141. Amongst his debts he owed money to James Grahame, Writer in Edin. His half pay that was due was paid to his sister E. Grahame.)

23 Mch. 1738.  Testament Dative of Andrew Grahame, Writter in Edin. and also of Mary Chalmers his wife; given up by Mungo Grahame, Writter in Edin. their lawfull son and nearest of kin . . . Mary Chalmers, daughter of late Patrick Chalmers Wright, burgess in Edin. Causioner William Grahame, Senior Merchant in Edin. James Graham of Braco owed them money.

23 July 1755.  Testament Dative of Lieut. George Graeme, Residenter in Edin. given up by James Guild, Writer in Edin. only Ex. dative qua Creditor decerned to the said Lieut. G. Graham who owed him some money, arrears were due to Lieut. George Graeme of half pay from George Ross, Esq. at the rate of 2s. 4d. per day.

12 Mch. 1776.  Testament Dative of Peter Grahame, Overseer in Windser Plantation, Jamaica, on behalf of Margaret Graham, sister Germane, married to Alexander Buchannan Ferment in Portnellor in Strathgartmay, who had best knowledge (i.e. A.B. so he gives up the will).



(followed by date confirmed)

Will of Thomas Grahame in Innerdame (?) with in the parish of Port (?) com. of Dunblane tyme of his deceas July 1672 given up by thair McFarlane his relict in name of Baldwin Rob., Wm., Thomas, Isobell, and Grizel Grahams his lawful bairns  14 Aug. 1673

Will of a Magdalen Graham relict of Will her, beltmaker. (Very curious and detailed Inventory of Cuts of Linen, Ham cloth, Broad cloath, Blankets, Linen sheets, Feather beds, light blue bolster, covering of Divers colors, a Double Playd, etc. etc., and numerous utensils.)
James Stirling of Keir, John Grahame of Glendoig, etc. etc. all owed her money .  9 Apr. 1729

The Testament dative and Inventory of the goods, gear, Habilliments and others which belonged to the deceased Lieutenant James Graham of the Royal Regt. of the North British Pheusileers who died within the parish of Aberfoyle in 172.. years made and given in by Patrick Graham of Badavow (?) as debtor for defunct's funeral, etc. . 6 Mch. 1729

Testament of Capt. John Grahame, Uncle to Laird of Gartur, d. June 1712, given up by John Graham of Mackeanstoune, his nephew having right of assignation from John Ramsay of Ochtertyre, Margaret Ramsay his sister, wife to James Paterson portioner of Corntoune with consent for his interest Hugh Paterson, Writer, and Isobel Paterson, his sister Agnes Grahame, spouse to John Campbell of Ferrie all brothers and sisters, children to the deceist. Inventor. The defunct had no goods or Bier except some arms with a horse, furniture and the abulyiements of his own bodie with silver plate and buttons.  But payments for a number of lands were owing to him  28 Aug. 1712

Will of Andrew Beane of Findell, given up by Agnes Graham his spouse for their children John, Margt., Jeane and Agnes. Debts were owed him by several persons of good standing. Adam Bishop of Dunblane, etc. and the cautioner for his wife's intromission is John Grahame her brother, burgess of Odil (?)   22 Feb. 1620

George Graham of Balwhopple's Will.   Many children.  30 Oct. 1620

Will of David Grahame in Monzievaird, died July 1684, his Inventor given up by Patrick Robertson his nearest of kin, sister's son to the deceist   30 July 1685

Will of Lawrence, eldest lawful son to the deceist Mr Lawrence Oliphant of Gask died Feb. 1684. given up by ..? (James) Oliphant now of Gask, his brother Germane 17 Dec. 1685

Will of George Oliphant of Gask died Nov. 1684, given up be W. Olyphant now of Gask.  He leaves debts owing to Joan his only lawful dau. to George Olyphant and Mistress Joan Balfour his second spous; Anna and Catherine Olyphant his sisters   17 Dec. 1685

Will of Wlm. Lord Strathallan died March 1688.  Inventorie by his son Wlm, now Lord Strathallan 13 pairs of horses. Owed money by a large number of Drummonds and other Lairds, Maxtone of Cultoquhey and Sr. Robert Morai of Abercairney amongst them  13 Sept. 1688

Will of Lawrence Oliphant of the Orchard Milne of Gask died May 1688, appoints his wife Catherine Moray Ex. leaves money to Lillias and Margaret Oliphant daus. of first marriage and Will Oliphant of Gask and Wlm. Stewart in Methven "my son in law" to be advisers to his spouse. Witnesses, Wlm. Oliphant of Gask, James Oliphant of Williamstoun 

Will of Erle Monteith to John Graham of Gartmore, his Ex. and air to the deceist Sir John Grahame of Gartmore. John Grahame of Duchray is mentioned, also Bucquapple 2nd Feb. 1695

Will of William Cunninghame of Coull, given up be his son John Cunningham of Cooll.  Nothing but various items of dress mentioned  7th Nov. 1728

Will of James Oliphant of Gask, died April 1732, by his eldest lawfull son Lawrence Oliphant now of Gask.  Follows an Inventory of all the furniture and silver:

a large Dividing spoon.
18 broth spoons.
18 Silver halted knives.
18 Silver forks.
6 Silver salts and spoons.
2 Silver salvers and a small one.
1 Silver Tankars.
Silver Posset.
3 Silver Casters.
2 Silver jugs 2 dram jugs.
Then a list of napery.
9 Horses 3 Mare. Live stock.

Large number of small sums owed by tenants, and he was owed money by James, Duke of Atholl, Berthia Oliphant, dau. to deceased Oliphant of Condie, James Grahame of Braco. He kept a large number of servants as shown by wages due, man cook, butler, etc.         25th July 1734

Note by L. G. G.  This was the father of the "Jacobite Laird Mr Brown," the Oliphants were very wealthy, and the inventory of silver is unusually large.

Will of Andrew Graham, Gartmore, faithfully given up be John McQueen in Gartmore, for the interest of Agnes Graham only discerned dau. and nearest of kin to her father Andrew  13 Jan. 1737

Will of Grizel Grahame, relict of deceased Robert Stewart of Inverdunning, made and given up by Robert Graham of Garvock, ex. Dat., for payment to him of lib. 73 odd for medicines to the defunct during her sickness, and cost of her funeral    13 Aug. 1741

Note: Mrs Grizel may have been Robert Graeme's aunt or sister (L. G. G.). Will of Thomas Grahame, ffeuar in Buchlyvie, given up by his dau. Mary Grahame as nearest of will. Small estate    10 Dec. 1741

Will of John Grahame of Drunkie, his will granted to Dougal
Graham in Downan, in name of his spouse Katherine Graham, and to Alex. Buchanan in Garrchome (?) in name of Margaret Grahame, his spouse, which Kathn and Margt are discerned only nearest of kin         20 Feb. 1755

Will of Mrs Mary Drummond, daughter of decd David Drummond, brother Germane to Colquhalzie, who resided and died at Gorthie, given by Mrs Grizel Drummond, sister Germane to deceased and relict of Duncan Stewart, brother Germane to Alex. Stewart of Glenbuckie     3 Feb. 1774

Will of Lt. Wlm. Grahame, 79th Regt. in Parrish of Callander,  given up by Robert, John, and James Grahame, his brothers Germane and nearest of kin 5 July 1800



4. Katherina Grahame. 

6. Robertus Grahame. 

7. Alexander Grahame. 

11. Margreta Grahame. 

19. Willimus Grahame. 

21. Patricius Grahame.     

24. Margareton Grahame.      14 July 154-

Agneta Grahame apud Boidhill .    15 Jan. 1546

Cristina Grahame apud Rosse     13 Apr. 1554 

Margrat Graham, spouse to Ninian Caddell    16 Apr. 1606

George Grahame in Dounance       3 Feb. 1628

Harie Grahame in Arthey      23 Mar. 1618

William Grahame in Parkzett                  - 1620

George Grahame of Baquhoppell     20 Oct. 1620

Ane honorable Dame Marie Grahame, Lady Buchanan, elder 21 Aug. 1621

Marjorie Graham, relict of John Morisone in Kincardin  14 Feb. 1623

Jonet Grahame, spous to John Ker, Bridgend of Dunblane    7 Apr. 1629

Rosina Grahame, relict of John Drummond of Kirkhill Elizabeth Maksloune, spous to Finla Sherar in Abercarnie   1 June 1630

David Graham in Rednoch     8 Sept. 1631

William Graham, maltman, Auchterarder    10 Dec. 1632

William Graham in Dunning     23 Nov. 1661

James Graham, buyers in Auchterarder    17 Dec. 1661

Helini Scobie, spous to John Maxtone, Cultoquhey   12 Feb. 1663

James Grahame in Calziemuck    13 May 1663

James Pierson of Kippenross     18 June 1663

Dame Helen Bruce, Lady Abercairny    20 Aug. 1663

Annas Grahame, spous to John Chrystisom in Spittall  25 Feb. 1664

James Grahame, indweller in DunblaneAndrew Angus in Moore of Duncrub,

Marion Graham, his spouse  17 Mar. 1664

Isobell Graham, spous to Alex. Robertson of Inwar, par. Foulis  28 Apr. 1664

Anna Buchanan, spouse to Alex. Graham of Druncie, par. of Port  5 May 1664

Marione Graham in Glashort-Aberfoyle     5 May 1664

John Grahame in Cromlex      18 Aug. 1664

Margaret McAra, spous to John Maxtoun in Cultoquhey  3 Nov. 1664

Cristan Annand, spous to Ninian Grahame in Baldinness Donying  10 Nov. 1664

George Graham, fiar of Glenny Port     16 Mar. 1665

Andrew Toschcoch of Monievaird     20 Apr. 1665

Grizel Sterling, spouse to Walter Graham of Glenny-port  11 May 1665

John Graham of Urchill       Feb. 1666

Katherine Grahame, spous to John Graham in Overonnans, Blackford  22 Mar. 1666

Margeret Graham, spous to Andre Whyte in Bedhill   17 May 1666

Malcome Grahame in Mijar, par. of Strowean   18 Oct 1666

Patrick Murray of Ochtertyre, and Mary Morray his spouse   2 Apr. 1668

Andrew Rollo, minister at Duning     22 Oct. 1668

Mungo Graham of Gorthie       1 June 1671

Patrick Graham, his brother      2 Nov. 1671

Duncan Grahame in Mijor Comrie     28 Nov. 1672

Margeret Graham in Milltown (Auch)    14 Aug. 1673

Janet Mitchell and Harry Graham, par. of Kincardine   11 Oct. 1677

Laurence Oliphant, Orchand Milne of Gask       8 Nov. 1688

James Grahame in Eldie, and Catherine Pierson, his spouse    8 Nov. 1688

Sir W. Graham, Gartmore      4 Apr. 1689

John Graham, Clerk in Chancellory     May 1702

Mary, his relict       10 Jan. 1706

John G., Alias Gregor Roy McGregor in Calichran, par. Callender 20 Sept. 1716

William Cunningham, lawfull son of C. of Coull   7 Nov. 1720

James Oliphant of Gask      25 July 1734

John Grahame, Cloak at Milne Gask     26 Feb. 1736

Andrew Graeme, Gartmore      13 Jan. 1737

Grizell Graham, relict of Robert Stewart of Inverdunning  13 Aug. 1741

Thomas Graham in Buchlivie      10 Dec. 1741

Mrs AEmilia Murray, Lady Strowan, parish of Lecroft  20 July 1741

John Graham of Drunkie      20 Feb. 1755

Mungo Graham, Auchterarder     23 Apr. 1766

Mrs Mary Drummond, daughter of late Mr Drummond, brother Germane to Colquhalzie, who received a Gorthy Fouls  3 Feb. 1774

David Graham in Auchterarder     25 Sept. 1780

Thomas "  "      14 Dec. 1780

James   "  "      31 Jan. 1781

John    "  "      31 June 1781

Isobel    "  "      23 May 1781

Alex. Graham, sometime in Easter Lundie then in Dunblane  7 Nov. 1793

William Graham of London, residing at Banks, parish of Lecroft   26 Nov. 1794

John Graham, merchant at Dunblane, late of Parish Logie   20 Oct. 1798

Lieutenant William Graham, 79 Regiment, in parish of Callender    5 July 1800

David Graham, residing in Frein (?) parish of Kilmadock   1 May 1815

Mrs Euphemia Drummond of Keltie     26 May 1817




Marcome Graham, spouse to Andro Tailycor in Stromness, within the parochin of Quhytnes in Zetland, vol. 3 of Tests  12 Sept. 1629

Marion Creightoun, spous to ane reverend father in god, George Bischope of Orkney & Zetland, vol. 3    26 Apr. 1633

Robert Smyth, son larfull to Patrick Smyth of  Braco, Orknay, vol. 7-2 22 Feb. 1665

George Smyth of Rapness, in Orkney, vol. 8   1667

Andron Smyth  "  "    vol. 8  17 Sept. 1669

Margarit Grahame, relict of John Smith of Houp in Orknay, vol. 9  1681 (or 2)

George Grahame, late minister at Stronsay of Ettay in Orknay, vol.9 21 Apr. 1684



William Grahame, burgess of Inverness    30 Aug. 1634



Jonet Bruce, relict of Mr James Graham in Achtiradowe (in Sterling (&) dioc. of St Andrewis), vol. 4   22 Oct. 1616

Walter Grahame of Meikill-wood, within the par. of Gargunok & Dioc. of Sanct-Andros, vol. 4 2 Nov. 1635

Elspet Grahame, spous to Johne Harvie in Arins of Gargunok, within par. thereof, vol. 4  5 June 1637

Robert Grahame in Somerstoun, within the par. of Eister-Culpatrick, vol. 5 14 Mar. 1656 

Captain David Grahame, vol. 6       6 June 1656

Agnes Grahame, spous to Henck Napper, burgess of Sterling, vol. 6  12 July 1661

Lilias Grahame & John Watt hir husband, in Abotesgrange, within the par. of Falkirke, vol. 6  6 Dec. 1661

Jonet Grahame, spous to William Laying in Bantone, within par. of?, vol. 6 7 Mar. 1662

John Grahame of Meiklewood, within the par. of Gargunnock & Dioc. of Edinburgh, vol. 6  27 May 1664

Walter Grahame, wryter in Stirling, within the par. thorof & dioc. of Edin., vol. 6  1 Jan. 1679

Iosebell Grahame & John Hardie in Flechanus of Gargonack, her husband, in par. & dioc. Edin.      11 July 1688

William Graham in Thomastoune, par. of Dennie & com. of Stirling  20 Nov. 1695

Robert Grahame in Helenbush, par. Dennie and com. of Stirling  20 Aug. 1703

James Graeme, Gunner in the Castle of Stirling, within the par. and Corn. thereof   13 July 1726

David Graeme, Merch. in Stirling     19 Apr. 1732

David Graham, Merch. in Stirling     13 Oct. 1753

John Graeme, Farmer in Abbotshaugh, in the par. of Falkirk    7 Feb. 1764

Mrs Jean Graham, relict of the deceased John Don of Seabeys, in par. & Com. Stirling  3 Mar. 1771

John Graham, residenter in Stenhouse-muir, within Com. Stirling 13 Feb. 1781

Ann Grahame, residenter in Stirling      19 Jan. 1792

William Graham, residenter in Airth      15 June 1813



David Grahame, Cinis Cinitatis sanctiandreve (par.) Sanctandrois  25 Apr. 1551

Mergaret Grahame in Steryne, within the par. of Kilmanie & Shonfd.of Fyff 26 July 1599

Andro Smyth in Kiddynnie, within the par. of Fortiviot & Sherif of Perth   30 Jan. 1607

Jane Toschek in Balgown, within par. of Methven & Sh. of Perth 12 Aug. 1614

Elizabeth Grahame, relict of Johnne Aberthnot of Mondynes, Within par. of Fordoun & Sh. of Kincardin  25 Aug. 1614

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